Peter Jenniches´ Trip through USA

Summer 2000

Just a short message that have returned safely from my 5-weeks-trip to the states and I had a most beautiful time there, bith in MG-ing and photographing. I met some very nice guys from the TABC listand at the GOF70 at Rochester and at Watkin Glen Racing namely:
Bob Grunau, an ever alert MG man with profund technical knowledge of out cars
Geoff Wheatley, representing finest british state-of-the-MG-art when arriving in his unique J2 and himself and Dana in period costume, scott´s kilt.
Barc Cunningham from Canada, whom I met already in 98, a very nice friend who travelled abt. 1350 (!) miles in 3 days from Nova Scotia to Rochester and back to attend. Unfortunately he did not win the "Beaulieu Cup", a long distance award which went to North Carolina Tarheel team, I happened to be a participant of.
Craig Seabrook, the genuine "Whitworth Head" from the shop with the same name and
Frank Mount, again from Canada, who won the Collier Cup at Watkin Glen with his remarkable TC, a real rocket.

It was a great experience for me to see how deep MG enthusiasm is is across the atlantic and I felt priviledged that I could share it.
My best regards to all TABC list members.

Peter Jenniches

Bob Grunau arriving at Casa Larga/GOF70 with his black TC.


Bob Grunau (with red cap) talking Spark Plug to unknown enthusiast.


Geoff Wheatley searching 1st gear in his J2.


Geoff Wheatley (with kilt), Annie Wincze, Steve Wincze and Dana Wheatley (f.r.t.l.) with Halloween Picnic arrangement.


Barc Cunningham (right) and Herb Walling watching Valve Cover Race at GOF70 Rochester
(note appropriate Kodak T-shirt).


Craig Seabrook at vending area GOF70.


Frank Mount and Connie with TC "Clatter" at Watkins Glen after outright win of "The Collier Cup".


Frank Mount at speed at Watkins Glen Original Street Race Reenactment, unknown co-driver.