Silverstone 2003

The great english MG event and
our 3rd "AGM" of TABCs Forever at Silverstone 2003

The very highlight in my short MG life -- meeting Mike Sherrell and his wife Loretta.
They are on their trip through Europe for some months. Please pay attention to the TABC badge,
which I proudly could present to Mike.
(left: my wife Ursula and I [Walter] -- right: Eric Worpe)

and here with Mike Card (right) --
Mike Sherrell promised to enter TABCs Forever, when again beeing at home.

Mike Card, [nn], John Steedman, Eric Worpe, Ian Thomson, Ib Lynge and me

. . . beside Mike Sherrell´s famous UMG 450 -- an awesome feeling like beeing in a church

the T-Register´s 40 annivcersary -- a lot of T-types at diplay

John Steedman proudly with his very new TC, just finished 2 weeks ago



and some more impressions . . .