Silverstone 2004

The great international MG event and
our 4th "AG Meeting" of TABCs Forever

Walter Prechsl

the entrance to silverstone

the TABC meeting

special guest from Japan Hiro Nisho (2nd from left) and for the first time in silverstone
and very impressed David Tasa (right)

Roger Pearson arrived at Silverstone after 41 days and 12.000 kms starting from South Africa --
congratulations a real MG adventure!

my daughter Verena and her dream MG

MG 14/40 in showroom condition

grey can also be a very nice colour of those times

TABC member Hans Zielinsky in his MG F1

panels, panels panels, . . . from Sportscars Metalworks of Micheal Beakhouse

and of course lots of racing around the track