Silverstone 2005

this year we celebrated the 75th jublilee of the british MGCC

Walter Prechsl

our "historic" annual meeting of the visiting TABC members

from left to right: Alan Webster, grandson and George Arbor, Mike Card (and behind with white beard) Carl Fritz,
Irene Forstner, David Irwin, Peter Forstner, Barry Knight, (and kneeing) John Steedman (above, behind) Viv James, NN?,
Roger Furneaux, NN, Ursula and Walter Prechsl and John Oliver from Melbourne (the umbrella was the most important thing
on the next day)


. . . and some more impressions

very interesting to MGA and MGB drivers -- Hoyle Engineering offered a new modification for an independent rear axle

. . . .rain, rain and rain on sunday