TC for Sale

In Autumn 2004 I bought yet another vintage car, a Riley. Then we finally got the problem of garage space -- there are also a TR3 and an old Morgan Plus 4. So Idecided to sell the TC. I bought her 1998 in England and my wife never was so enthusistic with the car. But when I put the ad into some vintage car magazines, we suddenly got trouble. It turned out the TC yet was loved very much, more than I was.

But too late -- a lot of prospects called and tried to lower the price withour ever saw her or only were blatherskites. So I decided to put the car to a dealer. Ii startet to polish the car and finally saw some spots at the paint under the driverīs door. So the car was not to sell for the asked price I wanted to clean and respray that little piece. Then dismantled the running board and the front wing and began to grind. While carefully rubbing the holes got more and more and a lot of rust and bondo become visible. And -- the wood below that was totally rotten.

Of course, it would have been possible to hide that with surfacer and respray it, but I can not do these things and sell the car with a clean conscience. The same situation I discovered on the other side, so I dismantled more and more -- the surprises did not end. Supposedly the car was fully restored in 1996 in GB, but . . . No rust protection between body and chassis, the wiring loom was patched with luster terminals. Some cables were house installation cables and a lot more problems. So I dismantled her completely and started a full restoration, as the base was still very good and almost all parts after refurbishing could be used again. Only the wood below the doors had to be replaced. Up to now the chassis is ready and is rolling again. the drivetrain is also mounted and the body is at the paint shop. AND -- our neighbour has offered his garage.

All these are reasons to save the sanctity of the home and not to sell the TC now.

Peter Mayer